In the Name of ALLAH Most Gracious Most Merciful.Engineer Md Khan, the Founder & President of Ghar ghar Islam, is an Indian Islamic speaker, intellectual and educationalist. Ghar ghar Islam TV is a humble effort of Md Khan, through which he aims to propagate the Message of Islam by practical demonstration of the Islamic values. Ghar ghar Islam is a Registered NGO / Non-profit organization, established in 2023. Ghar ghar Islam Tv aims to convey the message of Islam to humanity with wisdom & beautiful preaching, removing misconceptions about Islam among the masses and to provide social and welfare assistance to poor and needy in the field of Education, Health, Employment, Skill Development. Ghar ghar Islam Tv is targeting to spread the message of Islam globally through the technology and social media as our Apostle {S.A.W.] said “convey even one single verse if you know it.”

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